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Homecoming, Continued
[31 Oct 2005|03:13am]


He could only stare ahead at the scene that was unfolding before him. Obito off like a blinding flash to glomp the love of his childhood life. But...she didn't remember? She stammered pronouncing her names and the Jounin could only look on at the exchange passing between them. He HAD always been the cold, standoffish one, hadn't he?

Bringing a hand up to his forehead he sighed, realizing how similar his own group of Genin were to this scene before him. This was supposed to be HAPPY! People that weren't supposed to exist anymore were right in front of his eyes and he couldn't think of a damn decent thing to say! He felt himself go cold and then hot at the same time, sweat beginning to bead and pour down his forehead. That damn mask was in the way again...

Rin approached him, as caring and kind as he'd always remembered her. He vaguely remembered his name being said, but everything sounded far away as if he were sealed away in a small santurary away from the world where only his eyes penetrated the enclosure...

Shaking his head violently he bowed his head slightly allowing Rin to take off his headband, he shook his head and brushed his hair back a bit, feeling a little more free. He stared at her, she'd certainly grown more beautiful with age. He then realized how much he had take her for granted. That if not for her then HE would be the one wearing the glass eye today instead of Obito.

"Rin..." he let her name tumble off of his lips for perhaps the first time in a decade. His eyes lifted into a genuine smile as he took her hand and held it in his briefly, "Welcome...Welcome home.. ^\\\\\\\"

*Tags Rin, Obito, and Kiiro*

((WHEW I FINALLY DID IT!!! I guess we can talk more about stuff and then go somewhere or something, whatever you guys wanna do!))
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Continuing the Mission: Tetsuya, Kisame, and Itachi
[26 Oct 2005|03:04pm]

+ mood :: anxious

Tetsuya rushed after Kisama through the trees. She had left the other three behind so they could continue at a safe distance.

Mission- To track down and monitor the moments of Itachi while pretending to still be on his side.

Daikachiki knew the chances of succues were slim but she had to try. Kisame was already way ahead but she began to see his outline growing closer so she dared call after him,

"Kisame!" The shark man stopped his hand on the large blade on his back. "It took me forever to get the Hokage to let me go...Itachi is still carrying out his plan I am guessing since Kakashi and Obito will soon be leaving Konoha."

Daikachiki looked around for any sign of Itachi then turned back to Kisame
"You do remeber me don't you? From Itachi's last meeting?"

(Tags *Kisame and Itachi)

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Solo training...
[25 Oct 2005|10:54am]

+ mood :: determined

Neji stood in the courtyard of his family's home. He'd been going through some odd times lately, and he was determined not to let them get to him.

His mind raced as he practiced his Juuken. He had to confront several facts in his mind. Hinata, his Head Family younger cousin, was stronger than she'd ever been before. Neji was beginning to worry that he might start falling behind, that his cousin might be stronger than he was.

"Hakkeshou Kaiten!"

Neji spun around as fast as he could, pushing as much chakra as he dared out of every tenketsu that he could. His Kaiten still lacked the power that he wanted it to have. His uncle Hiashi's Kaiten could clear away anything within 20 feet of him, while Neji's......it barely reached 10 feet.

Neji knew that he was almost as strong....if not just as strong as his uncle, yet he couldn't get his Kaiten to reach the same limits that his uncle had.

"Hmm.........what can I do with this......" Neji mused. He remembered Hinata's move, her "Shugo Hakke...." and he thought "I wonder, if I apply the same principles that she does with that move, I wonder if I could get my Kaiten to expand out further...."

Neji sat down on the walkway ringing his training area, when he felt a familiar presence walk up to him...

((TAG's Tenten-san!))

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Good Morning Sunshine!
[20 Oct 2005|11:53pm]

+ mood :: awake

Tsunade awoke to the sounds of Ton ton walking around the office. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, yawning. She squinted at the windows, attempting to figure out what time it was. She stared at them for several moments, trying to remember exactly why she was sleeping in the office again. She brushed the hair out of her eyes, remembering. "Oh yes, Kiiro's back."

The Yondaime had returned yesterday. Never a dull moment here at home, she mused as she stood and stretched. She yawned again and made her way to fix herself some tea; she would definitely be needing it.

Returning to her desk she sipped the tea and looked at the notes she had scribbled for herself.

"Check on Tetsuya's team," she read aloud. "And get rid of Sasuke." She smiled slightly at her own sense of humor. She wasn't going to kill the young Uchiha, she just needed to send him out on a mission far away from his brother Itachi. She had to think of who she could send him with. Kurenai and Asuma had just told her that they were beginning to train their teams, so they didn't need to be burdened with another Genin. Kakashi was babysitting one Uchiha already, and giving him another just wasn't fair. Gai had just come back from a mission, and Ibiki was currently away. That left a few odd Jounin, and Anko...

Should she send Sasuke with Anko and Temari to the Sand Village. "It may do him some good being around those two," she mused as Kotetsu and Izumo made their way into the office. She bid the both of them 'Good Morning' and then made her way to the rooftop, where she sat, watching the sun rise over Konoha.

(Um, tags Kiiro? We can meet with the elders maybe and get you sent off to meet the rest of your Genin. Then after you finish up the thread with Kak/Obi/Rin you can come back and we can have a look in the Gazing ball, unless you want me to look, freak out and then come get you?)

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Sasuke's Haiku part one
[11 Oct 2005|11:31pm]

this really sucks bad
this mission is gonna suck
It really will suck
-Uchiha Sasuke, from the angst journal.(just kidding)

Just what kind of mission was he being sent on. The Hokage didnt even bother to give him a breifing. What kind of leader was this? At least Sandaime would have explained things. Or did Tsunade-sama expect Mitarashi-san to explain the mission.

Ok, so Sasuke had little faith in others. But you really can't blame him, now could you?

"Mah..." I was already at the ramen shop today and didn't see Anko. Then again, Sasuke wasn't really looking for Anko either. At least Naruto was probably off training again.

Of course, when Sasuke really stopped to think about it, he would much rather go out on a missin with his own team than with Mitarashi. (so he doesnt have a high opinionof her, but who else does he have a high opinion of?)

He arrived just outside the Ramen shop, sighing softly to himself before calling out for Anko.

"Mitarashi-san...." He lifted the flap and looked inside....
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The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town!
[11 Oct 2005|12:27am]

Nara Shikamaru had yet again been picked on by dearest Hokage-sama. She just grabbed him from nowhere and used him as her guinea pig. How many times was this going to happen before she decided to ruin someone else's lazy days?

Shikamaru sighed, hands stuffed in his pockets, haunting memories of the past weeks still filling his head. Kakashi and Obito certainly weren't a picnic to hang out with, they fought with each other more than anything else. Shikamaru swore that if he heard Obito call Kakashi a 'meanie' one more time he'd scream. And Shikamaru did NOT scream. He yelled. It was manlier you know.

The appearance of the mysterious third Uchiha had been quite the shock to well....EVERYONE in Konoha. He had no idea that the roots of this 10 plus year old drama ran so deep. New people kept appearing all the time, and among them Gaara's sand team. The Chuunin still felt wary about Gaara's presence, remembering how badly they'd gotten along the last few times they'd spoken. How could anyone trust Gaara after what he'd done?! His intentions always SEEMED to be good, but many a war could be started with the best of intentions he realized. Temari thankfully wasn't around, he noticed, and he was glad, not really feeling like entering a Male VS Female posturing match at the moment.

(Lousy bitch! This whole town is filled with them...) his thoughts drifed briefly to Ino and his face burned with embarassment at the memory of their dance (Dammit! I almost forgot about that...I hope she didn't tell Chouji...) Yes Chouji would be the next person he saw, then maybe his sensei, it'd been awhile since he'd seen either of them.

Glancing over his shoulder at the two Jounin who STILL persisted in following him, the Nara increased his speed and rounded the next corner, backing up against the buildling wall...he spied around the corner and grinned smugly as Obito and Kakashi passed him, arguing yet again, so much, that they didn't even notice he was gone. (The mission report be damned!) he clenched his fists, (It would have nothing but stupidity in it anyway...what a waste of my time...) although he had to wonder the REAL reason behind it all and why he had been chosen so selectively to be a part of this scheme. But he'd worry about that later...time to find his best friend. There were clouds to be watched.

*Tags Ino and Chouji*

((OOC: Weren't you guys in another thread talking? Come on over here and welcome back the wanderer! LOL))
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[10 Oct 2005|05:20pm]

((this is continued from the writing in my app.))

Rin had been walking for a few hours now, the sky wide open before her, sometimes obstructed by the canopy of leafy trees. It was getting dark, and she was beginning to get the feeling that it was going to rain soon. Rin determined that she was going to need to make camp very soon. Focusing her chakra to her hand, she let a little bit of it seep very slowly out of her palm, the chakra forming into the shape of a flame.

Palm outstretched, she began collecting kindling and other dry hunks of wood, the wood scraping against her skin leaving red-pink scratches only to be healed later; if she even bothered. The ground was damp and cool, and covered with ferns and various other plants. Finding food wouldn't be an issue.

After staking out a campsite, she dumped the wood rather anticlimactically, her rucksack going down straight alongside with it. She walked a few paces away from them, so the fire wouldn't be a hazard. With a slam of her chakra-oozing hand she had cleared enough space for a small hearth to safely burn. She grinned. All those years with Obaasan had payed off.

Swatting a mosquito on her neck, she began to build the fire; kindling on the bottom, bigger pieces on the top. Finally, for the finishing move she took a small tinderbox from one of the many small pouches on the belts hanging off her hips and lit the fire, blowing on it gently, silently encouraging it to grow.

When the fire had grown to her liking, Rin walked a few paces so she could better see the sky. It was clear, no clouds, and it was twilight. Leaning back with her arms crossed behind her as a friendly breeze passed through, she felt as if she was experiencing deja vu. A slight
chill went down her spine as she continued to stare at the stars.

A bit unnerved, she quickly hurried back to the fire. In a few minutes, she was fast asleep in one of the low, thick branches of the tree...

A few days had passed, and Rin was about to burst with nervous excitement. She knew that Konoha should only be half a day's walk from where she was. Focusing the chakra to her feet, she started simply leaping branches. It was somewhat easier that way. Her face was unreadable.

Will they let me in?...What if someone recognized me?...What if I was a horrible person?...In that case I don't want to be recognized!!.....then again I'm not a very memorable person...who am I fooling?...nobody would remember me....especially not after all these years....

Her face fell at this 'relevation', and slipped off the particularly mossy branch she was on. She grunts as she lands in a crouch, and looks up, making eye-contact with a familiar face that she couldn't quite put her finger on...

((tags Yondy ^____^))
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Training elsewhere...
[10 Oct 2005|06:38pm]

+ mood :: sick

After abandoning his training out in the Konoha outskirts, Gaara sped along the treetops, looking for a place he might train in peace. There was a technique that a predecessor of his had perfected, and Gaara wanted to see if it was possible for him.

He'd read that in order to use the "Satetsu", one needed to manipulate the magnetic field within their body. Gaara didn't know where to begin, but he figured it had something do do with Chakra-manipulation, so he focused his concentration on the sand inside of his body.

"If the Sandaime Kazekage could do this, then so can I!"

Gaara opened his mouth, and focused all of his will on the sand mixing around inside of him. He could feel it hardening, and trying to take shape within him. He couldn't bring it all the way out of himself, so he ends up coughing up a storm, and spitting out a brownish-grayish-reddish liquid all over the ground in front of him.

"Damn....I thought I had the strength, I thought I could do this......what are you staring at?!"

((TAG's Anyone who want to train with Gaara-san!))

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Less about the angst already and more about the mission! Yosh!
[09 Oct 2005|10:20pm]

+ mood :: annoyed

Konoha. 3:15pm
It wasn't that he had gotten over the little encounter with Itachi so easily, it was just that he refused to let anyone see just how much it affected him. He was strong enough to hide his emotions, because really, what Shinobi really needed them?

Besides, he didn't need the Hokage to think that he was unable to take on new missions. Sakura had taken one, and Naruto had been out training, why couldn't he go off for a couple of days?

Sasuke stood just outside of the Hokage's office, arms crossed, back against the wall, head slightly tilted upwards while he listened to Kotetsu and Izumo chatter on about the weird Akatsuki guy and other nonsense. The Uchiha didn't really bother to get mad, they probably just didn't see the huge Uchiha fan on his back when he walked in *sarcastic*

But really, it wasn't worth getting angry over. There were other things to get pissed about. Much more than this.

So, how long was it going to take their great leader to finally let him into her office? Sasuke hoped it wouldn't be much longer, he also hoped for a solo mission....Of course, with his luck he'd probably be paired off with some of hte most idiotic members of society. Naruto, or that fuzzy eyebrow guy who just didn't know when to give up?

Or perhaps Sasuke was just being over pessimistic?

*tags Tsunade if available. eurh. Someone help Sasuke go on a mission! yay!))

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And the mission continues...
[08 Oct 2005|11:59am]

+ mood :: tired and bored

It was far into the day, and they were still all trudging thorough the leafy forest. They had long since departed from the sunbathed road coming out of Konoha, and had been making their way through the surrounding forest ever since. Come to think of it, just how far away are we from Konoha? Are we even still in the Konoha forest? No, we're too far out...way too far out... she wondered to herself.

Sakura stuck out her arms and stretched, and then attempted to cover a big yawn. Most of the nervousness about Itachi and the Akatsuki had dissolved with time, and the mission thus far had been for the most part quite uneventful. She glanced ahead at her teammates.

Tetsuya was in front, examining her map and directing them where to walk, mumbling to herself. Daaku and Shizune were talking amongst themselves, and Sakura was trailing behind lost in her thoughts.

She couldn't quite remember the last time she had been with a team other than Team 7. Her and Ino always had been partners in assignments when they were kids, but she felt that didn't count. Sakura was happy about this mission though, it was a bit of fresh air. Plus, although Kakashi hadn't been there for their genjutsu training date, she was going to be personally trained by TSUNADE. THE Tsunade. HOKAGE Tsunade. Sakura refrained from squealing and doing the happy dance. She jogged a bit to catch up with the rest of the group and looked up, and saw that they were steadily approaching a clearing.

I wonder if Sasuke-kun liked his gift?...

((Tags mostly Tetsuya as she's the kinda director of the mission, but also Daaku and Shizune))

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t3h bored
[07 Oct 2005|02:15am]

She was starting to get the feeling she wasn't going to win. Her last encounter with Sasuke and Sakura had made it painfully clear that he preffered his teammate, hands down, and the firely blonde was no more than a nuisance to him.
But that was her personality, and she knew of no other way to be. And she sure wasn't going to chance THAT. Not for any boy. Not even THAT boy.
Still, she would probably still feel the need to flirt whenever she saw him. She would probably still feel a pang of jealousy whenever her candy-haired rival put her filthy paws on him, with that wicked gleam in her eye. And someday, she would probably would be hurt when Sakura made that inevitable announcement that she and Sasuke were dating (he couldn't remain asexual forever).
With a heavy sigh, she crossed one leg over the other, and then uncrossed them, and then recrossed them the other way.
This was so STUPID. Sitting here, pining over a lost cause. That so wasn't like her. She didn't wallow in self misery, she wasn't some weak and silly girl who cried into her pillow over the stupidity of a boy.
Mustering up all of her dignity, she flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder and exited her mother's flower shop, her head held high, showing no signs that she was anything other than absolutely Ino at this moment.
Though she rather hoped she would run in to someone to talk to. Getting your heart slowly broken was a somewhat lonely experience.

((taggers anyone who would be wandering 'round.))
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Yosh! Naruto Returns!
[06 Oct 2005|05:49pm]

+ mood :: happy

Naruto practically skipped through the gates of Konoha, his blue pack bouncing against his back with every step he took and a large grin adorning his face. He was finally back home and he couldn't be happier! Although he had a blast training with Jiraiya, he hadn't been home since...well, it had been a while! Of course he HAD taken a short break to attend the Sasuke-less birthday party. Which reminded him that he needed to get Kiba for spiking the punch...

Apparently a lot had happened during his absence, including the Fourth returning to Konoha. At first, everyone had been skeptical, and most said that it was only a rumor. Naruto had been inclined to believe it from the start; he wasn't quite sure why. AND THEN when he wrote about it in his LeafJournal, Yondaime himself had actually responded to him! This pleased Naruto ESPECIALLY because Sasuke had just left a snide comment about Yondaime's return being a rumor. But Naruto wondered what it was that the Fourth would want to talk to him about. Most likely it would be about the Kyuubi sealed inside his stomach...or, or maybe Yondaime thought that Naruto was best suited to be Hokage!!!!

As he continued on his way through town, entertaining himself with thoughts of possibilities, he picked up the distinct smell of ramen in the air. "RAMEN!!" He cried out to nobody in particular, causing a few people nearby to look up in surprise. "AHHH~ it's been so long since I got to eat ramen! I wonder where Iruka-sensei is..." While he was pondering this, he suddenly remembered Jiraiya, who had been walking close by until about five minutes ago.

"ERO SENNIN!!?" Naruto glanced around, not finding a trace of him anywhere. "Crap, he still owes me money! He better not think he's gonna get away with that!" Mildly annoyed with Jiraiya's sudden disappearance, Naruto decided to let it go for now. After all, the perverted sennin was probably off 'gathering data' again...

"YOSH! IT'S TIME TO EAT RAMEN!!" He decided, his loud and obnoxious nature taking over as he yelled it for the rest of Konoha to hear. "UZUMAKI NARUTO HAS RETURNED 'TEBAYOU!!"

((Tags ANYONE 'tebayou))

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Returning to what was...
[02 Oct 2005|06:33pm]

+ mood :: happy

Uzumaki Kiiro and Tsunade walked up to the main building in Konoha, it was here that the offices of, and the living quarters of the Hokage were found. It was here that Kiiro would make his new home. He looked up at the building, and gazed over it, at the Hokage faces on the mountain, and sighed.

"It's been too long Tsunade, do you think that the people of our village will accept me here again?"

Kiiro looks back at Tsunade, and beckons her to keep walking with him. Never mind the odd and astonished looks that they were getting. Kiiro was home, and that was all that mattered to him.

((TAG's Tsunade-sama, and anyone who wants to see the former Hokage come home!))

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Happy freaking birthday
[02 Oct 2005|06:49pm]

At home, with a cup of green tea, Sasuke knelt at his table staring at the little bag Sakura had given him.

he didnt really want to open it.

No matter what it was, opening it meant that he would have to thank her. If he thanked her, she could take it the wrong way and then she'd never leave him alone. Okay, so maybe he was exagerating. She had grown up a lot this past year.

Glancing down at his leg, he sighed. He had gone to the hospital as he was told, and ended up getting some stitches. It wasn't as bad as everyone thought, and he (though not the doctor) thought he could treat it himself.

He sat for a long time, just looking at it. The house was quiet. it was always quiet, he was the only one living in it. Sometimes he thought he heard voices in the night, but always told himself it was his imagination.

finally, after his tea had gone cold, and the clocks chimed that it was 6am did Sasuke reach for it. He had been up all night, contemplating opening it, re playing the fight with his brother over and over in his mind, and just being angsty in general.

He pulled the bag over and stuck his hand inside, pulling out a book...no, a photo album. Grunting he flipped it open and began to look though the pages. She had put a lot of work into this. There were photos from the chuunin exam, and the sports day, graduation and just various places around Konoha.

His lips twitched into a small smile, which grew and grew until he was chuckling at a photograph of Naruto yet again making a fool of himself.there was also pictures from when the team had stopped for lunch. Sasuke musn't have been aware, but there was his photograph. He was eating a rice cake(and looked somewhat...happy)

Team 7 was like family to him. Despite how annoying they were, and that included Kakashi, they were like his family.

Heaving a sigh, Sasuke closed the photo album and put it aside. He would rest for a couple of hours then set out to find Sakura. He would have to thank her, it was one of the most meaningful gifts he had ever received since his parents death.

((urk, sorry it was a bad post, lol. Hey, someone can like, wake Sasuke up for a mission, or just wake him up because they are annoying...LOL!)

And the Mission Begins...
[30 Sep 2005|11:58pm]

+ mood :: cold

It was early in the morning and was still quite dark outside. The sun was just beginning to peek its head out above the horizon. Haruno Sakura was curled in a ball hugging her knees, leaning against the village walls, still-half asleep. Her head throbbed terribly, and she made a mental note to smite Kiba multiple times once she returned. She uncurled and checked her backpack once more, something she'd been doing all morning. Going on a training mission, very possibly involving an S-ranked criminal, traitor of the leaf, and none the less the murderer of her comrade's family was a situation she felt one couldn't help but check, recheck, and re-re-re-re-recheck one's belongings. Shuriken, kunai, medkit, it was all there along with everything else she needed.

Rubbing her shoulders for warmth, she gazed out beyond the gates, and then back to where she was sitting. She wished that she had time to tell the rest of her team personally that she was going on a mission, but she figured that'd be foolish when one can just say so in a journal that everyone sees. Glancing up, her eyes drifted up to a figure emerging from the morning fog...

((tags Daaku, Tetsuya, or Shizune, etc.))

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Fubuki Ami Desu! Yoroshiku!
[28 Sep 2005|11:38pm]

So many mission reports, and so little time to get them done. Her own mission to find the snow gennin team had failed. They were all out of the country, or at least in hiding.

To add to her stress she sprained her ankle on the journey and had to be carried home both by Gai and Genma. To make matters worse, Gai insisted that she train with him to strengthen herself to withstand such falls. (She fell from a tree when she accidently saw Gai and Genma in the hot spring while they were taking a break)

Not to mention she was already breifed about the Uchiha Itachi case, and S ranked criminal from the group Akatsuki. Aparently he had been in town bothering his little brother, and trying to retrieve another relative who was already sent out of town along with Hatake Kakashi, and some gennin.

"I wanna go hoooomeee..." Leaning forward she pressed her head against the table. She was sitting in the leafbucks coffee shop trying to get her mission reports together.

Genma insisted she write them since it was her idea for the mission, and Gai was so excited to run off and find Lee that he left her here with all the work. Ami was beginning to really want to go back home to the snow country.

"this sucks..."

(*tags anyone*)

A long awaited return.....
[28 Sep 2005|08:26pm]

+ mood :: happy

The Yondaime walked casually into the village. It'd been a long time since he'd been here, so he noticed a few small things had changed, but overall, it was the same place he'd loved since he was a child. He spread his arms out, as if he ws embracing the village, and shouted...

"I missed this place, it hasn't changed one bit!"

With a wide grin on his face, the 4th Hokage continued walking through the village, oblivious to the stares he was getting from people as he passed.

"I wonder if Sarutobi is still around? I should pay that old duff a visit...."

The Yondaime continued wandering around the village, smiling and remembering all the times he'd had in the village, until he found himself at the Memorial Stone. He traced his fingers over the hundreds of names...until he found his own.

He stared at it for a few minutes, marvelling at the inventiveness of his predecessor, Sarutobi, and he began to laugh.

"Heh, I can't believe that Sarutobi got everyone to think I was dead after I sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto! Boy won't he be surprised..."

Yondaime fell silent, as he head footsteps behind him...

((TAG's Anyone!))

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Attention Sakura!
[28 Sep 2005|07:53pm]

+ mood :: anxious

Heads turned as a masked Anbu ran down the streets of Konoha. Nothing was said after the ninja passed; people just went about their business as usual.
Blue eyes behind the mask scanned the streets looking for a pink haired girl.
'Tsunade-sama says to bring her apprentice (although Sakura doesn't really know that Tsunade has chosen her yet) to her office as soon as you are able to do so." Those were the orders that Shizune had given the Anbu before sending her racing through the village.
There! Sakura was walking down one of the side streets, swinging her arms happily. The Anbu raced to her side, "Haruno Sakura, the Godaime orders me to take you back to her office immediately. Please come with me."

(tags Sakura!)

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Training, Hyuuga-style
[27 Sep 2005|05:25am]

+ mood :: determined

With his uncle, Hyuuga Hiashi looking on, Neji was continuing his training. Before now, he'd done all of his training on his own, to avoid distraction. Now however, he wanted his uncle to see how strong he'd become.

"I think I've gotten better with my Juuken, Uncle Hiashi, I've gotten even more strikes this time, watch this!"

Neji assumes his Juuken fighting stance, and call out his technique name.

"Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou!"

Neji whips his hands around at blinding speed, hitting imaginary tenketsu points in front of. He counts each strike as he completes it...


Neji keeps going until he reaches his 128th strike, then he stops, looking at his uncle.

"So Hiashi-sama, how did I do?

Neji smiles, and waves at his cousin, who's just come out to the courtyard where he and his uncle are standing.

"Hi Hinata-san, come to train with us?"

Neji smiles a friendly smile, and puts his hands behind his head.

((TAG's Hinata-san! ^_^))

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Perposing a Mission
[22 Sep 2005|11:11am]

+ mood :: determined

Tetsuya stood in the waiting area outside the Hokage's office shifting every once and a while. In her hands she had a brown folder filled with papers tagged on certain pages on important areas.

Tetsuya had dug around for the information in the folder ever since Itachi attacked her, Sasuke, and Gaara. She pulled two all nighters looking for the information and now she had almost everything she needed. The only thing was the Hokage's permission to go on this mission.

A phone rang and the office assistant picked it up, "Hello...yes Lady Hokage. I'll send her in." With a click she set down the phone and gave Daikachiki the okay to go in.

Daikachiki walked through the door on the left with a smile to the lady and walked down the hallway to the office door of the Hokage. She paused at the door, taking a deep breath, and she opened the door.

"Good morning Hokage-sama." Tetsuya said as she sat down in the chair set infront of the Hokage's desk.

(Tags Tsunade ^_^))

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