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Kiiro walked the streets of Konoha silently. He and the rest of the Daikachiki Rescue Mission team had just returned to Konoha, and now Kiiro knew that he had something he needed to do with his "quiet" time; It was time to meet his son.

"According to Tsunade-hime, Naruto likes to go to Ichiraku Ramen in the evenings, and eat supper....maybe I should try there first..."

He wound his way through the streets of Konoha, until he found the small ramen shop. Peeking his head inside of the curtain, Kiiro found his quarry, Naruto was sitting on a stool, busily slurping up a big bowl of Miso Ramen. Kiiro cleared his throat, and shakily spoke...

"I-Is this s-seat taken?" He gestured to the stool next to Naruto.

((I tag Naruto-kun!!!))
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