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*I dont konw were Sasori is soTetsuya will start something! ^_^ and if you dont mind she will keep calling you Daaka as a pun. I started a new post because our got shoved down quite a bit lol... OMG THERES A CAT IN MY ROOM!! Sry. -_-"*

Tetsuya breathed a sigh of relieve when Itachi left her behind as Kisame and him headed toward the newcomer.
Tetsuya had noticed one of Daaka's crows now she looked up to scan the air and a pang of panic reached inside of her chest when she saw it was gone.

Daikachiki clutched the pendant Tsunade had given her, 'I wonder if Itachi would notice me using this...*sighs annoyed* I seriously doubt it. Just calm down Daikachiki someone will be here soon, those bastards wont get their hands on that Obito guy if its the last thing we do!'

Tetsuya's Negative side: Oh Please! You haven't even met the boy! Ditch the Three Stooges and get out of here!
Tetsuya's Positive side: NO No!! I have to do this, sure I dont know him but...hmm...well I could just...NO! Bad Daikachiki BAD!

*Kisame glances over at Tetsuya with a puzzled look 'What a nut...' -_-" Tags Itachi Kisame and Sasori and any other people involed in the Itachi Mission! *
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