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Sakura Thinks. A Lot.

Sakura tugged out her water bottle from her back and sat down on the hill over looking her teammates. She was near enough to be in Shizune's comfort zone, and far enough away for her to be alone in her thoughts.

She wasn't really quite sure what to do. She knew why she was sent on this mission--ever since the Sound attacks at the Chuunin exams, every shinobi had to take every mission they could, as to appear strong to the other nations. Konoha had lost so many shinobi that it had been awhile since she had the opportunity--in all reality the obligation, to go on a mission with her real team. In fact, the Neji-Sasuke party had been lucky to occur at all, and with all the genin, well almost all the genin there.

Thinking back to the party, Sakura kicked herself. Sure, Lee had been released from the hospital for months and was making amazingly rapid progress in his physical therapy, but he shouldn't have been straining himself like that! The childish part of her wanted it to blame it on Ino, for dedicating the song to them in the first place, but she knew better. Sakura sighed. It had been years since her and Ino had been able to really talk, but they were getting closer to doing so until the mountain of missions had been dumped on them. I never see much of anyone anymore, she mused to herself. Only lately, really...

Sasuke had never showed up, either. Not entirely that surprising, he really didn't know about it and if he had known it was a party, he would've found a mission in the most distant cornor of the world faster than Sakura could recite the Ninja Code of Law. So long as he wasn't trying to kill Naruto and vice-versa she was fine with almost anything those two did. As if to back that thought up, the memory still clean and frighteningly clear in her mind of Sasuke's chidori and Naruto's raesengan pointed so very lethally at eatch other...if Kakashi hadn't been there at the last second, Sakura would've been long dead. But she didn't want to think about that. Not at all...

The past months had been going slightly better for Konoha. Anyone hurt from the Chuunin exams had been long released from the hospital, and Naruto and Sasuke were acting fairly civil towards eatchother. Still, she felt a bit tense whenever the three were together.

She took another gulp of her water. It would be so nice to be in Konoha again, however brief due to her next mission. Her apprenticeship with Tsunade pretty much guaranteed as far as she knew a stay in Konoha for a while, as well as lots and lots of studying and training. Her hands strayed to her short hair. Yes, she would go back to Konoha and continue on her goal of becoming a noteworthy and proud kunoichi.

Carefully screwing the cap back on, Sakura rose. This mission still confused her. She had only the most basic medic training, and the Akatsuki....the Akatsuki was more than anything she could handle at the moment. It wasn't like a training mission; they hadn't been training constantly, she hadn't really learned anything...but maybe she was thinking too hard. Either way, the higher rank of the mission would look good on her card.

Glancing over at her comrades, she nearly jumped out of her skin as four people appeared in a puff of smoke behind her. "EHH? Sensei? Tsunade-sama? What are you doing here?..." Sakura exclaimed, very surprised. She eyed the other two behind them. Other people?...

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