Inuzuka Kiba (dogboykiba) wrote in leafninja,
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This way Kankurou-san!

"Sorry about that, Kankurou-san. I thought that Ketsueki-san wanted to join us, but I guess that he changed his mind."
Kiba scratched his head and grinned, "Oh well, his loss."

The pair turned a corner and finally found themselves at Kiba's house.
"Here we are, home sweet home. Come on in and we'll get you all cleaned up, then we can head up to the roof and have a look around."

Kiba pushed open the door and held it for Kankurou. "Mom! Sis! I'm home, and I have a friend over, okay?"

There was no response. "They must be out on a mission or training or something." Kiba headed into the kitchen, "You want something to eat or drink, Kankurou-san?"

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