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Time to save the girls...and Daaku ^_^

Tsunade walked out of the ramen stand with Kiiro trailing closely behind her. They found Kakashi and Obito just outside talking to each other.

"Alright Ladies," the Hokage said, clapping them on their shoulders. "We have to go and rescue Tetsuya's party. They were attempting to track Uchiha Itachi and his Akatsuki companion Kisame as they were leaving the Konoha area. Unfortunately, it seems that they have been attacked by Akatsuki themselves, and I believe that they are in need of some rescuing. So are you all ready to go and give them a hand with those pesky Akatsuki?" She accented this by cracking her knuckles rather loudly and giving them a scary grin.

"We can talk more as we travel, but we need to set out as soon as we are able. The ninjas are capable, but they are facing Akatsuki," she looked squarely at Obito. "And we all know how dangerous they can be, but some of us know more than others..."

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