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And with the morning comes sunshine.

Blinking slowly Anko opened her eyes not quite sure when she fell asleep. The rain had let up during the night but left something far more sinister in its path, but just what she didn’t know. Sometimes the demons that haunted her came out in the dark and appeared so real that she was unsure where the border between memory/nightmares and reality began and ended. Placing her hand against the base of the tree she pushed herself up and pulled out the kunai that held her coat which was just a little damp by now, putting it on she threw her hair back up and glanced around the grove as something caught her eye.

Well I'll be damned, will you look at that! How cute. Giving a large silly grin she threw a few more logs onto the fire before glancing over at the kids again.

"Oi! You two, wake up! This isn’t a hotel and we don't have all freaking day to cuddle, you can do that once we get to Suna." As neither of them stirred she gave an annoyed growl and walked over to them, kicking at their feet and glared at them as they both seemed to stir slightly.

"OI! Lovebirds, wake up!"

(Tags Temari and Sasuke / First come first serve as usual)
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