Haruno Sakura of the Hidden Leaf (haruno___sakura) wrote in leafninja,
Haruno Sakura of the Hidden Leaf

Tired and ultimately bored after her mission, Sakura was making her way down the hall to the women's side of the hot spring. Her towel wrapped around her was at a fairly normal size, as there was no chance in hell running into Sasuke here, but still a bit on the small side, just because there was a chance of running into Ino [not like in an inoxsaku way people. like teenage girl competitive way.]. Yawning, she turned, feeling the humid air from the springs.

"Ohayo--" She opened her eyes and let out a bloodcurdling scream. There in her path was a BOY--and not just ANY boy...It was Gaara. Her last memory of him flashed in her mind:

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WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?!.. She looked frantically at the sand nin.

((tags anyone besides Gaara, I want more people to react to his presence first.))
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