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What now?

As far as he knew, everyone else who'd participated in the Akatsuki Spying Mission was taking a break, resting after such a hard mission. Not Akema Daaku, he'd failed his teammates, he'd failed himself, and worst of all, he failed his family and Village.

Shortly after returning to Konoha, Daaku had gotten a letter in the mail from Amegakure. It wasn't directly addressed to him, but it concerned him. From all that he'd heard, his home village thought he was dead, since he hadn't reported to them in several weeks, so they wrote him off, without even so much as an ANBU investigation. To the Hidden Village of Rain, Akema Daaku was not only dead and buried, but he didn't exist any more....

"I can't believe it....I do everything short of give my life for them, and they write me off..."

Daaku looked at the sky, not much was visible, as the sy over his head was blanketed with the wings and beaks of the dozens of Crows he'd summoned. He was trying to push himself, but he couldn't concentrate, what with the news of his apparent death weight heavily on his mind. He clasped his hands together, and called out a technique...randomly chosen from those he knew...

"Suiton: Suijinheki!!!!!!"

Daaku blew a strong, large jet of water from his mouth. It reached the edge of the clearing he was in, and was pushed all around him by the flock of black birds he'd summoned. He kicked his way through the water, using it as a Taijutsu training tool as he fought his way through the self-imposed current of water.

Daaku reaches the center of the water-vortex he's created, and sits on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably....

"What am I supposed to do now? I'm not even a missing-nin, in my village's eyes. What can I do?"

The water vortex calms down just enough to allow someone through, which Daaku notices. He tries to pull himself together enough to welcome whoever it is that's decided to barge in on his training...

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