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"Obito, Kakashi, can you see where they went? I can't see them, but maybe one of you can pick up their chakra....."

He heard Daaku say while searching the grounds for any trace of Sasori and Kisame. Obito, however, had no intention of following any orders a foreign Shinobi barked at him.

It was somewhat rude, the way Obito slowly turned his back on Daaku, walking away from Rin, and ignoring Kakashi. He didn't seem to care. All emotion was drained from him in those few moments where Itachi proved his strength. It didn't bother him that his cousin was better, that he had more power with the sharingan that he could ever dream of. In fact, if Itachi had been a better man, Obito would have been proud of him. No, it was the fact that Itachi turned his back on his village, he threatned the people here, and Obito's friends. Worst of all, Itachi betrayed the Uchiha family.

And there is not one damn thing I can do about it.... He thought this, shoving his hands into his pockets walking away from everyone, leaving them standing there. They could search for Akatsuki on their own, Obito decided that he had not the power to mess with such an orginization.

But what can I do now? ..... He gazed up at the sky, ignoring the voices of his friends calling out to him. He was very disapointed in himself. He was overconfident, too sure of himself, forgetting that Itachi was a full fledged ninja at such a young age, the same age when Obito was still learning in the Academy.

I guess all I can do now, is do my best to protect konoha from any attack. I can't chase after them, it wouldn't do any good.

Reaching his home in the deserted Uchiha district, Obito sat down on the dust covered floor, looking around his house. There were still boxes everywhere, the belongings of his family. Some things were clean though, a reminder of the day Rin spent the afternoon with him just cleaning. She was so sweet that day, it brought a smile to his lips.

Worst of all, I couldn't protect her.... He stood, moving to the window, looking out at the night sky. Do I really belong here? Or was I supposed to die under that rock? Is this why I empty, when I am alone? But I feel so alive when I am with Kakashi, or Rin, even Sensei.

He sighed, moving across the floor pulling out a futon he kept wrapped up in the corner. He wasn't going to impose on Kakashi tonight, he'd stay the night in his own home.

For the next three days Obito stayed in his home, cleaning and reflecting on his past mistakes. When someone came to the door, knocking, he would take refuge in one of the upstairs bedrooms. During the early morning's he would slip out to the market to buy something to eat. It wasnt much though, so always by the end of the day he was starving.

On this third day of seclusion, he had just settled down for lunch. A large bowl of jasmine rice and a steaming cup of green tea. It wasnt much, but he had a lot more work to do on his home that he expected. Somehow, he was beginning to feel a little better, as the days passed, now that his home was looking more like a real house.

He had uncovered the furniture, beat the dust out of the beds and washed all the linens. Curtains were hung up (albeit sloppily), floors were vaccumed, front poach was swept. Now, only a couple of rooms needed new coats of paint, as well as the outside of the house.

It was kind of lonely,being the only inhabitant of the district (though, he was sure he saw a small fella with spiky black hair wanding through this area a couple of times) but he made due. His time alone proved to be benifical. Things were starting to look up again. Or maybe it was because he didnt have to look at the disapointed eyes of his friends and fellow shinobi.

Yawning, he began his meal, chowing down! He really needed the energy to get up on the roof today and seal up a couple of holes!

(Wow, wasn;t expecting to go this far with the post. but anyway. Rin, Kakashi or Kiiro can post. If Tsunade wants she can too :D)
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