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Mistakes, and how to fix them...

Gaara carefully divided the ointment that Rin had given him. After seperating from Hyuuga Neji-san at the Konoha Hospital, Gaara had obtained a small ointment jar from one of the nurses, explaining that he was going to use the ointment he'd obtained not on himself, but the two who'd been injured during his training. Namely; Inuzuka Kiba, and his own brother, Suna no Kankuro.

It was painstaking work, making sure that there were equal amounts of the precious ointment in both jars, and making sure that the lids were on tight enough, to prevent them from leaking while he sought out their recipients.

I only hope that this gesture will repair the damage that I have done to my two comrades, both emotionally, and physically... Gaara thought to himself as he wandered through the streets of Konoha. He'd already left one of the ointment jars at the Suna apartment, a note attached telling Kankuro that he was sorry, and that he hadn't meant for their training session to go that far.

Now Gaara was searching for the Inuzuka residence. He hadn't had any luck, and any time he asked for directions, no matter how politely, people would point at him and run. One would think, that with the amount of time I've spent here, and with all that's happened since then, that these people would be a bit more forgiving of me. I didn't do what I did of my own will, and I've been trying my hardest to be a better person...

Gaara's thoughts were abruptly interrupted when he bumped into someone who looked familiar, but he couldn't remember where he'd seen them...

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