Rin of Hidden Grass (r1n_chan) wrote in leafninja,
Rin of Hidden Grass

Hopefully the Last Mission Thread?

Rin stood in deep thought on the giant frog, her thoughts interupted by the need to balance every few minutes when Gamabunta would take an extra large step.

This Itachi has the same Sharingan eyes as Obito-san and Kakashi-san...meaning if I use any jutsu he can instantly copy it and use it against us. Kiiro-sama said he had amazingly strong genjutsu and ninjutsu..something about blind combat...so I need to use blind taijutsu against him? I'd really rather not use that unless I have to...

Well aware of the fact that the last bit was confusing her, she turned to her teammates. "Kiiro-sama, you mentioned something about a certain tecnique of his sharingan that could only be countered with either blind combat or another set of sharingan eyes....could someone elaborate on that for me?"

((I kinda realized that no one told Rin not to look at his eyes. I'd really rather not pull Rin through some awful genjutsu illusion the whole thread, unless you guys paticularly want to do that. ^^;; tags Obito, Kakashi, and Kiiro.))
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