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Calling you home

(I'm kind of lost with the thread concerning Obito, Kiiro, Tsunade, Kakashi and Rin.) I want to post for Obito, and so this is how Imma gonna do it. ;p
He's supposed to go out with Kiiro to look for Akatsuki right? I'm going to post Obito getting ready to leave Konoha. If Rin wants to pop in for a bit of Obito and Rin time, that would be cool. ;p I don't know about Kakashi. Jess and I were thinking about him going on a retreat to sit on a rock under a cold water fall to meditate. LOL. As far I know, she is still playing Kakashi-CHANNNNNNN ;p (Oops, sorry, there's Obito coming out. lol) Anywah! On to the angst! omg. he's turning into sasuke!)(pardon my spelling, grammar and punctuation. I haven't written anything in a long long time, then again, I sucked before , erh..NAYWAY)

Early evening. It was one of the most peaceful times of the day according to Uchiha Obito. It was when families gathered around their little table to eat dinner and discuss the events of the day. It was when the crickets began to chirp; when finally a light breeze would cool down the hot air, and probably one of the most loneliest of times.

Ever since that day... since Rin and Kakashi left him (believing him to be dead.) Since then, the evenings were so cold for Obito. Akatsuki were never his realy family, though he was brainwashed for a time to believe so.

All he had were his memories and the crickets to keep him company.

But, it was diffrent now wasn't it? Or at least it was supposed to be diffrent. Kakashi was here all along, and Rin and Sensei are alive and safe. So....why did he still feel this void, like something was still missing?

He thought all this as he approached a once busy district and now dead part of the city where the Uchiha crest could be seen painted on almost every shop, door and sign. Even on the back of his shirt he wore the Crest proudly, though he was sure no one cared much about his family anymore.

His family home sat just ahead, just after the center of the mini Uchiha town. His branch of the Uchiha family were well known, they dealt a lot with the family politics, the police department, among other important Uchiha issues.

The Uchiha, like the Hyuuga, were a very proud bunch. They liked to deal with their own issues, most didn't like interfearance from other residents of Konoha. They were a strict clan, and had no use for failure. It was all or nothing, and naturally that was how Obito's father raised his children. He ran his house with an iron fist, and expected nothing but the best from his children.

Pushing the door open, the young man sighed. He was no longer twelve years old, but at twentysix he felt that he somehow wasted his life.

"Otosan..." Pale hands slid along the door, finger tips coming away with years and years of dust. He simply looked at his hands, brushing his thumb over his fingers to remove the dust.

His father once told him that he was a failure at his very spot. Obito had come home from training with a black eye, and a busted lip. Yet another fight with the genius Hatake Kakashi, and again, like always, Obito lost. Beaten and bruised he stood there, with a lowered head while his father scolded him, in front of his mother, and siblings. In the end, father told him to get out. That night Obito spent in a tree, near Rin's family home.

He was too stubborn to go to Sensei to ask for a place to stay. Most people knew how strict the Uchiha could be on their offspring, although they felt it may have been a little too much, nobody had the right, really, to go against a clan that had been in Konoha for as long as they Uchiha. Obito knew Kiiro would have helped him out, he knew Rin would too (though he was much too embarassed to ask her for help) Kakashi, well, Kakashi could have just gone to hell, for all Obito cared back then.

"Maaah..." He shook his head, trying to clear out all the memories this place brought to him. He had to get ready for his mission and find some type of gear in this old house.

Since returning, Obito had not the chance to clean the family home. Most things were left as they were 6 years ago (I think it was 6) There were cobwebs everywhere, dust and dirt. One of the windows were broken, and it looked like a family of squirrels had made the attic their home. There was mouse droppings everywhere, which really grossed Obito out for some reason, and mildew on some of the walls.

No, he wasn't sleeping in the house yet. He spent the nights at Kakashi's apartment. Yeesh, Obito's old family house had more furniture than Kakashi's place did!

Digging though boxes, which were in the living room, and Kami-sama knows why...Obito found some useful things. Kunai, Shuriken, a jounin flak jacket...

"Hn?" Obito held the green vest up to get a closer look at it. just on the inside, near the zipper at the bottom there was a name. Squinting, he flipped it open to see the name of his little sister on the jounin jacket. Shocked, he threw the jacket down into the box. Wide eyed, he looked to his trembling hands.

"She...she was a jounin..." It was starting to hit him now that his siblings did grow up during those years where everyone thought he was dead. As bratty and annoying as his brother and sister were, they had really grown up, and became ninja themselves. Images flashed though his head. Did she have a boyfriend? Did his brother properly interrogate him like he would? Did they have a good sensei? Did they look out for each other? .... Did...did they fight until the very end?

(Guh, I'm dramatic! whooo haa, Umm. I tag Rin heeeee))
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