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Neji had left the Hyuuga residence after his fight with Lee. He had no idea if his green-clad teammate was injured or not,and at this point, he didn't care. He was thinking about all that had happened; his confession to Tenten, his subsequent Limit Break, and then his fight with Lee. The words his uncle had spoken to Tenten while he was fighting rang through Neji's head...

"If you truly care for for Neji-kun, allow him to learn this lesson..."

He couldn't figure it out. He was trying to use his "heart", he was trying to care for people, but every time he did something that he though was right, it blew up in his face.

Neji walked though the streets of Konoha, getting strange looks from people as he passed by them. He wanted to go to the hospital, but he also wanted to go to Tenten's house, to apologize at least...

"What should I do? I don't know if Tenten will want to see me again, but I don't want to embarrass myself either....."

It was at this point, that Neji enountered someone whom he never thought he'd meet face-to-face; Sabaku no Gaara...

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Gaara had been walking through Konoha, carrying the ointment jar that Rin-san had given him like it was precious currency. He didn't know if he could make amends for what he'd done, but he sure as hell was gonna try.

He was so busy in his thoughts, he didn't even notice it when the pale-eyed Hyuuga crossed his path. He looked up, startled, and noticed that the Hyuuga had an expression on his face similar to the one that Gaara himself was sporting. Doubting he'd get a positive response, Gaara ventured out into the unknown, and addressed the Hyuuga;

"You are Hyuuga Neji, correct? The look on your face tells me that something is troubling you. Care to.........share it with me?"

Gaara regretted it almost as soon as he'd said it, but there was no going back now...
Neji stood motionless for a moment. Was he hearing things, or did Sabaku no Gaara, a Genin who had assisted in attacking his own village just ask Neji if he was all right? Neji shook his head, and looked over Gaara before answering him. The Suna-nin looked just as battle-weary as Neji himself did, no Byakugan required to see that Gaara was exhausted.

Neji thought about the question that Gaara asked him, and frowned. He'd never been one to share his feelings, but maybe doing so with someone who didn't know him might help him to work out what he had to...

"You might say that. I admitted to my teammate, Tenten, that I have feelings for her. Honestly, I love her, but I do not think I expressed it right. I also fought with my other teammate, Lee-san...I'm just very confused. I want to go and see Tenten, but I don't know if I should...."

Neji fell silent, not wanting to get so comfortable as to start admitting everything to the red-headed sand-nin.
Gaara listened as the Hyuuga vented to him. It seemed to Gaara that he and Neji had similar problems, trying to figure out "love". Gaara knew that he wouldn't be much help, but he could try...

"Neji, admitting that you love someone is not a wrong thing to do. How you express that love, that is what matters...or at least, that's what I've come to understand. I've known nothing of real "love" my entire life, but I know that it's a necessary thing if one wants to become strong. I think you should go to your teammate, tell her that you do not regret saying what you did, what you do from there is up to you..."

Gaara ran a hand through his hair, and noticed that Neji looked about as bad off as he himself did.

"Neji, maybe you and I should go to the Hospital. We've both had an "interesting" day, so maybe we should go and get ourselves healed on the outside, before we continue our journeys..."

Gaara turned to head towards the Hospital, and gestured Neji to do the same.
((hey, wait a minute, aren't you both of these characters?...)
((he is, but still, angst bucket character interaction. ^^))
((yes, yes I am. I was hoping that a new thread might remind people that the RP still existed, lol, plus, I figured it a good time to get some non-canonical character interaction. Honestly, do you think that Neji and Gaara would ever interact? They've got a common problem, so I figured they would do each other some good.))