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Arrival in Suna...Thank God

After five days of running through the countryside together Anko, Temari, and Sasuke had finally reached the outskirts of Suna.

I never thought that I could be any happier to see those towers... she thought as she caught sight of the domed buildings in her village.

She looked back over her shoulder, I swear he has been staring at my ass the entire way... She shot a glare in Sasuke's general direction, not caring at this point, if Anko saw. I'm gonna gouge his damn eyes out with my thumbs if he keeps that up. Ugh! He's looking at me again!

She shook her head and squinted against the slight wind blowing tiny grains of sand into her field of vision. She saw movement out of the corner of her eye and turned to see one of the members of the ANBU of the Sand saluting her. She nodded in acknowledgement and the masked ninja shot her a hand symbol, one she knew all too well. Sandstorm. Big Sandstorm.

She took a moment to pull a length of cloth out of her pack. The fabric was bright red, and it was her old sash. She wrapped it protectively around her nose and mouth, and to shield her eyes. She signaled back to the ANBU the specifics of her mission and ordered him to inform Chiyo-baa-sama of their arrival. He nodded and disappeared, and she turned back to her companions, pulling down the wrap she had over her mouth temporarily.

"Um, Anko-sensei there is a sandstorm coming and we need to get inside as soon as possible. Chiyo-baa-sama will know of our arrival very shortly. If you want to follow me, I can lead us to the administration building and you can deliver the message to her."

Temari pulled the wrap back into place as the wind began to pick up, and waited for Anko's response. After all, she was the leader for the mission and it wasn't Temari's place to assume leadership, even in her hometown where she was treated like a princess.

(tags Anko and then Sasuke)
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