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Rin of Hidden Grass

The Rin-is-a-baka-and-gets-lost thread.

Rin eyed the ground before her warily. A few mere steps and she'd be there. Home? She didn't quite know.

Rin waited outside the gate, not quite sure of what to do. Only a few footsteps and she'd be "back". To what? She knew the answer. It was obvious enough. She had made her journey to piece together her past. Seeing as it was foolish to just stand there awkwardly after a lifetime of thinking about doing what she was about to do, she took a brief gulp of air and stamped one muddy and sand-cased size 7 1/2 standard issue nin sandal into Konoha.


She had been half expecting for it all to come rushing back. Like in movies. Like it had just a few minutes before. Somewhat impatient, she stuck her other foot onto the Konoha road. Still nothing. But she wasn't disappointed.

Not quite taking Obito's, Kakashi's, or Kiiro's presence into consideration, she began to meander. Her eyes were wide like a small child watching a parade, trying not to miss anything. Konoha wasn't as green as Hidden Grass, but it was still nice. Children with messy hair ran around the street playing with a ball; the one with the tooth missing and a mischievous grin got a laugh out of her. She continued to marvel at everything until she realized she was caught in what must be Konoha's rush hour shopping traffic. Suddenly surrounded by a myriad of pushy kunoichi armed with shopping bags, Rin's eyes flashed from side to side, trying to establish where her old teammates were. Shit...

Muttering curses to herself, she began to call out their names in an attempt to find them, barely able to even hear her own voice. "O-OBITO-KUN....KAKASHI-SAN....KIIRO-SAN?!...." Her voice was lost in the sea of people. Getting nervous now, she continued to yell out until one particularly irritated kunoichi carrying three large bags started shrieking something profane at her. I'm...lost....?!

((tags Obito, Kakashi, Kiiro or whomever you really feel like it. Whatever makes the thread move faster. :P))
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