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Konoha Afternoon

Kiba lead the way through the streets of Konoha, Kankuro trailing slightly behind him. Kiba was leading Kankuro down the shortest path possible to get them to his house, so it involved lots of short cuts. Every once in a while Akamaru would bark at Kiba, or Kankuro's puppet Karasu would rattle and click. After hopping over the last fence they needed to cross, Kiba turned back to Kankuro with a curious look on his face.

"Hey Kankuro-san, I was wondering if you could tell me why you Sand ninjas are here in Konoha. It must be a good reason, or otherwise Tsunade-sama would have probably killed you herself. I haven't been paying much attention to the goings on lately since I have been training with my mother and my sister. And are you and Gaara the only two here? I haven't seen your scary sister. What was her name, again?"

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Kankuro followed Kiba through a lot of strange alleys and shortcuts, all the while wondering somewhere in the back of his mind if maybe Kiba was taking him somwhere secluded to KILL him.
Well, it never hurt to be cautious. It wasn't all that long ago that he was an enemy of Konoha. When the dog trainer spoke, after a long silence, Kankuro was momentarily startled. He rolled his eyes in responce to the question.
"Ah, my brother is here. I imagine he got permission to come, after getting the living Hell beat outta him by Naruto he's been trying to improve his 'people skills', so thats why HE'S here. I think Temari's on a mission, but she's helping out some of your people so she'll be back later. And I just came to find them." As he spoke, he relaxed a bit and spoke with more enthusiasm. "They left the Wind Country, and just stuck all that business with me! The kazekage kicks it, so we're supposed to help with funeral arrangements and shit, and they just take off, leaving the work to me! Well to hell with that."
He shook his head, as if brushing the subject aside.
"Anyhow, that's why we're here. I'll help out on missions or somethin' while I'm here, if your Hokage wants, since we should be trying to patch up Sand-Leaf relations. Where the hell are we GOING?..." He suddenlly asked, looking around.
Kiba grinned, "We're going to my house! We've gotta get your foot cleaned up... and these burns on Akamaru's neck and mine taken care of." The Konoha nin quieted, looking cautiously around before creeping over to Kankuro's side and whispering. "I also can see the hot springs where the girls like to go in the afternoons from the roof, if you are interested."

He elbowed Kankuro slightly in the ribs and chuckled. "So what do you say, Kankuro-san? Wanna go spy on the girls?"

((Aww, pervy little Kiba finds a pervy little friend! It must be something about that facepaint....LOL We need a Jiraiya to join us....It is obligatory...:P))
Kankuro scowled, shifting his weight from foot to foot. His sandal still felt exceptionally squishy, and was starting to dry too, which was bad because he knew that damn smell would never come out. Worse than that, it sort of stung. What the hell did that dog eat that his piss stung? Maybe it had a bladder infection or something.
But he did manage to raise his eyebrow when Kiba told him about the hot spring, and the corners og his mouth may have lifted into a wicked smirk.
"You live in a house by a hot spring? And you can just see people from you're roof?" He grinned. "I should come to Konoha more often. I'm a little curious how good your view is, yeah," he laughed.
Kiba and Kankuro turned through one of the narrow back alley short cuts so see you young nin in an odd situation.

Ketsueki was being beaten over the head with a rather large looking purse on the 3rd story balcony. "Stop crawling across my walls! Look at all the damage you did to my house" screamed the middle aged woman doing the beating.

Sure enough along the wall in a path leading up to the balcony was small holes.

Ketsueki tactfully took the hits, in an attempt to try to calm the lady down. "Im sorry miss, I was training and found I could use this ability to climb quickly"

"I dont care what you were doing!" the lady continued shouting and hitting the young medic nin with her purse, when somethint below caught his eye.

It was the nin he met a few days ago, the one with the dog. "Hey, Kiba san!" he said waving to him. But unfortunately lost his attention in his attack at the wrong time, as a lamp hit Ketsueki across the face sending him back over the railing of the balconey.
He managed to catch himself a bit as he fell into a pile of boxes.

The lady continued shouting as Ketsueki got to his feet, with an unuasually calm smile considering the situation. "Heya, what are you guys up to?"
Kankuro stared for a moment in bewilderment at the other boy, before finally bursting into fits of laughter.
Kiba laughed for a few seconds and smiled.

"Hey Ketsueki-san, I was wondering what that funny smell was! How are you doing? Kankuro-san and I are headed back to my house so we can get his sandal cleaned up. You are welcome to join us if you want to."

Kiba grinned broadly and waited for Ketsueki's answer....
Kiba continued to grin sheepishly, waiting for an answer from Ketsueki...but none came.

"That's okay Ketsueki-san, we'll just catch you later. Kankurou-san and I have to hurry to my house or we'll never get that smell out of his scandal. Catch you later!"

*with this Kiba runs off in the direction of his house, waving for Kankurou to follow him*