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Here comes the rain...

The storm was beginning to pick up and the wind blew harder.

Temari hated getting rained on more than anything, but she kept silent and kept following Anko. After all, Anko was their leader and she ordered them to continue. She was soaked to the skin, and her shoes were squishing from the amount of water that they had absorbed.

Temari shuddered as the rain turned colder and the wind caused it to pelt them even harder. She held out her hand as they continued to move through the trees and caught some of the tiny pieces of ice that were falling from the sky. They were growing in size as the three made their way through the forest.

A harder gust of wind blew and sent a sheet of water down into Temari's face, blinding her for a moment. Her foot slipped at that moment, and she lost her balance....

(tags either Anko or Sasuke, whichever one of you responds first. Whether you try to catch Temari before she falls is up to the two of you.)
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