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[01 Mar 2006|05:49pm]

+ mood :: blah

Shikamaru wandered around Konoha looking for Chouji but couldn't seem to find him anywhere. Shikamaru sighed and scratched his head. "Looking for people is troublesome..." Shikamaru resumed walking, he was tiered from all the missions he'd been getting latley. Without realizing he was doing it Shikamaru walked into the hot springs. He looked up and realized where he'd wandered too. He decided since he was here he might as well go soak in the hot spring and maybe look at the clouds while he was in there. He got ready and walked into the hot springs. When he entered he saw there Garra, Lee, Chouji, Kiba and Kankuro. He was mostly surprised to see Garra there. He didn't think people from deserts would be interested in hot springs.
"Yo." Was the greeting Shikamaru gave them all.

((Tag Anyone at the Hot Springs))

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[09 Feb 2006|08:39pm]

Tired and ultimately bored after her mission, Sakura was making her way down the hall to the women's side of the hot spring. Her towel wrapped around her was at a fairly normal size, as there was no chance in hell running into Sasuke here, but still a bit on the small side, just because there was a chance of running into Ino [not like in an inoxsaku way people. like teenage girl competitive way.]. Yawning, she turned, feeling the humid air from the springs.

"Ohayo--" She opened her eyes and let out a bloodcurdling scream. There in her path was a BOY--and not just ANY boy...It was Gaara. Her last memory of him flashed in her mind:

Image hosting by Photobucket

WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?!.. She looked frantically at the sand nin.

((tags anyone besides Gaara, I want more people to react to his presence first.))
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What now?
[07 Feb 2006|11:10pm]

+ mood :: depressed

As far as he knew, everyone else who'd participated in the Akatsuki Spying Mission was taking a break, resting after such a hard mission. Not Akema Daaku, he'd failed his teammates, he'd failed himself, and worst of all, he failed his family and Village.

Shortly after returning to Konoha, Daaku had gotten a letter in the mail from Amegakure. It wasn't directly addressed to him, but it concerned him. From all that he'd heard, his home village thought he was dead, since he hadn't reported to them in several weeks, so they wrote him off, without even so much as an ANBU investigation. To the Hidden Village of Rain, Akema Daaku was not only dead and buried, but he didn't exist any more....

"I can't believe it....I do everything short of give my life for them, and they write me off..."

Daaku looked at the sky, not much was visible, as the sy over his head was blanketed with the wings and beaks of the dozens of Crows he'd summoned. He was trying to push himself, but he couldn't concentrate, what with the news of his apparent death weight heavily on his mind. He clasped his hands together, and called out a technique...randomly chosen from those he knew...

"Suiton: Suijinheki!!!!!!"

Daaku blew a strong, large jet of water from his mouth. It reached the edge of the clearing he was in, and was pushed all around him by the flock of black birds he'd summoned. He kicked his way through the water, using it as a Taijutsu training tool as he fought his way through the self-imposed current of water.

Daaku reaches the center of the water-vortex he's created, and sits on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably....

"What am I supposed to do now? I'm not even a missing-nin, in my village's eyes. What can I do?"

The water vortex calms down just enough to allow someone through, which Daaku notices. He tries to pull himself together enough to welcome whoever it is that's decided to barge in on his training...

((TAG's Anyone!!!))

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[02 Feb 2006|11:31pm]

+ mood :: calm

"Obito, Kakashi, can you see where they went? I can't see them, but maybe one of you can pick up their chakra....."

He heard Daaku say while searching the grounds for any trace of Sasori and Kisame. Obito, however, had no intention of following any orders a foreign Shinobi barked at him.

It was somewhat rude, the way Obito slowly turned his back on Daaku, walking away from Rin, and ignoring Kakashi. He didn't seem to care. All emotion was drained from him in those few moments where Itachi proved his strength. It didn't bother him that his cousin was better, that he had more power with the sharingan that he could ever dream of. In fact, if Itachi had been a better man, Obito would have been proud of him. No, it was the fact that Itachi turned his back on his village, he threatned the people here, and Obito's friends. Worst of all, Itachi betrayed the Uchiha family.

And there is not one damn thing I can do about it.... He thought this, shoving his hands into his pockets walking away from everyone, leaving them standing there. They could search for Akatsuki on their own, Obito decided that he had not the power to mess with such an orginization.

But what can I do now? ..... He gazed up at the sky, ignoring the voices of his friends calling out to him. He was very disapointed in himself. He was overconfident, too sure of himself, forgetting that Itachi was a full fledged ninja at such a young age, the same age when Obito was still learning in the Academy.

I guess all I can do now, is do my best to protect konoha from any attack. I can't chase after them, it wouldn't do any good.

Reaching his home in the deserted Uchiha district, Obito sat down on the dust covered floor, looking around his house. There were still boxes everywhere, the belongings of his family. Some things were clean though, a reminder of the day Rin spent the afternoon with him just cleaning. She was so sweet that day, it brought a smile to his lips.

Worst of all, I couldn't protect her.... He stood, moving to the window, looking out at the night sky. Do I really belong here? Or was I supposed to die under that rock? Is this why I empty, when I am alone? But I feel so alive when I am with Kakashi, or Rin, even Sensei.

He sighed, moving across the floor pulling out a futon he kept wrapped up in the corner. He wasn't going to impose on Kakashi tonight, he'd stay the night in his own home.

For the next three days Obito stayed in his home, cleaning and reflecting on his past mistakes. When someone came to the door, knocking, he would take refuge in one of the upstairs bedrooms. During the early morning's he would slip out to the market to buy something to eat. It wasnt much though, so always by the end of the day he was starving.

On this third day of seclusion, he had just settled down for lunch. A large bowl of jasmine rice and a steaming cup of green tea. It wasnt much, but he had a lot more work to do on his home that he expected. Somehow, he was beginning to feel a little better, as the days passed, now that his home was looking more like a real house.

He had uncovered the furniture, beat the dust out of the beds and washed all the linens. Curtains were hung up (albeit sloppily), floors were vaccumed, front poach was swept. Now, only a couple of rooms needed new coats of paint, as well as the outside of the house.

It was kind of lonely,being the only inhabitant of the district (though, he was sure he saw a small fella with spiky black hair wanding through this area a couple of times) but he made due. His time alone proved to be benifical. Things were starting to look up again. Or maybe it was because he didnt have to look at the disapointed eyes of his friends and fellow shinobi.

Yawning, he began his meal, chowing down! He really needed the energy to get up on the roof today and seal up a couple of holes!

(Wow, wasn;t expecting to go this far with the post. but anyway. Rin, Kakashi or Kiiro can post. If Tsunade wants she can too :D)

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[02 Feb 2006|05:19pm]

+ mood :: hopeful

Kiiro walked the streets of Konoha silently. He and the rest of the Daikachiki Rescue Mission team had just returned to Konoha, and now Kiiro knew that he had something he needed to do with his "quiet" time; It was time to meet his son.

"According to Tsunade-hime, Naruto likes to go to Ichiraku Ramen in the evenings, and eat supper....maybe I should try there first..."

He wound his way through the streets of Konoha, until he found the small ramen shop. Peeking his head inside of the curtain, Kiiro found his quarry, Naruto was sitting on a stool, busily slurping up a big bowl of Miso Ramen. Kiiro cleared his throat, and shakily spoke...

"I-Is this s-seat taken?" He gestured to the stool next to Naruto.

((I tag Naruto-kun!!!))

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Mistakes, and how to fix them...
[16 Jan 2006|07:47pm]

+ mood :: contemplative

Gaara carefully divided the ointment that Rin had given him. After seperating from Hyuuga Neji-san at the Konoha Hospital, Gaara had obtained a small ointment jar from one of the nurses, explaining that he was going to use the ointment he'd obtained not on himself, but the two who'd been injured during his training. Namely; Inuzuka Kiba, and his own brother, Suna no Kankuro.

It was painstaking work, making sure that there were equal amounts of the precious ointment in both jars, and making sure that the lids were on tight enough, to prevent them from leaking while he sought out their recipients.

I only hope that this gesture will repair the damage that I have done to my two comrades, both emotionally, and physically... Gaara thought to himself as he wandered through the streets of Konoha. He'd already left one of the ointment jars at the Suna apartment, a note attached telling Kankuro that he was sorry, and that he hadn't meant for their training session to go that far.

Now Gaara was searching for the Inuzuka residence. He hadn't had any luck, and any time he asked for directions, no matter how politely, people would point at him and run. One would think, that with the amount of time I've spent here, and with all that's happened since then, that these people would be a bit more forgiving of me. I didn't do what I did of my own will, and I've been trying my hardest to be a better person...

Gaara's thoughts were abruptly interrupted when he bumped into someone who looked familiar, but he couldn't remember where he'd seen them...

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Hopefully the Last Mission Thread?
[15 Jan 2006|03:10pm]

Rin stood in deep thought on the giant frog, her thoughts interupted by the need to balance every few minutes when Gamabunta would take an extra large step.

This Itachi has the same Sharingan eyes as Obito-san and Kakashi-san...meaning if I use any jutsu he can instantly copy it and use it against us. Kiiro-sama said he had amazingly strong genjutsu and ninjutsu..something about blind combat...so I need to use blind taijutsu against him? I'd really rather not use that unless I have to...

Well aware of the fact that the last bit was confusing her, she turned to her teammates. "Kiiro-sama, you mentioned something about a certain tecnique of his sharingan that could only be countered with either blind combat or another set of sharingan eyes....could someone elaborate on that for me?"

((I kinda realized that no one told Rin not to look at his eyes. I'd really rather not pull Rin through some awful genjutsu illusion the whole thread, unless you guys paticularly want to do that. ^^;; tags Obito, Kakashi, and Kiiro.))
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Fun at the Hot Spring (or OMG lookit them titties)
[09 Jan 2006|07:48am]

+ mood :: naughty

Kankuro and Kiba sat on Kiba's roof peering down into the Hot Springs just inside Konoha. The view was perfect and they were passing a spyglass between the two of them....

"Yeah, I recognize a few of them. That's the ramen lady there, and I think the one that just walked in is Ten-ten. It's hard for me to tell when her hair is down. She always keeps it up in those buns, but I think it's her."

*tags Kankuro*

((anyone that is there, or wants to be there, just respond in this thread ^_^))

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Calling you home
[07 Jan 2006|12:51pm]

+ mood :: busy

(I'm kind of lost with the thread concerning Obito, Kiiro, Tsunade, Kakashi and Rin.)Read more...Collapse )(pardon my spelling, grammar and punctuation. I haven't written anything in a long long time, then again, I sucked before , erh..NAYWAY)

Early evening. It was one of the most peaceful times of the day according to Uchiha Obito. It was when families gathered around their little table to eat dinner and discuss the events of the day. It was when the crickets began to chirp; when finally a light breeze would cool down the hot air, and probably one of the most loneliest of times.

Ever since that day... since Rin and Kakashi left him (believing him to be dead.) Since then, the evenings were so cold for Obito. Akatsuki were never his realy family, though he was brainwashed for a time to believe so.

All he had were his memories and the crickets to keep him company.

But, it was diffrent now wasn't it? Or at least it was supposed to be diffrent. Kakashi was here all along, and Rin and Sensei are alive and safe. So....why did he still feel this void, like something was still missing?

He thought all this as he approached a once busy district and now dead part of the city where the Uchiha crest could be seen painted on almost every shop, door and sign. Even on the back of his shirt he wore the Crest proudly, though he was sure no one cared much about his family anymore.

His family home sat just ahead, just after the center of the mini Uchiha town. His branch of the Uchiha family were well known, they dealt a lot with the family politics, the police department, among other important Uchiha issues.

The Uchiha, like the Hyuuga, were a very proud bunch. They liked to deal with their own issues, most didn't like interfearance from other residents of Konoha. They were a strict clan, and had no use for failure. It was all or nothing, and naturally that was how Obito's father raised his children. He ran his house with an iron fist, and expected nothing but the best from his children.

Pushing the door open, the young man sighed. He was no longer twelve years old, but at twentysix he felt that he somehow wasted his life.

"Otosan..." Pale hands slid along the door, finger tips coming away with years and years of dust. He simply looked at his hands, brushing his thumb over his fingers to remove the dust.

His father once told him that he was a failure at his very spot. Obito had come home from training with a black eye, and a busted lip. Yet another fight with the genius Hatake Kakashi, and again, like always, Obito lost. Beaten and bruised he stood there, with a lowered head while his father scolded him, in front of his mother, and siblings. In the end, father told him to get out. That night Obito spent in a tree, near Rin's family home.

He was too stubborn to go to Sensei to ask for a place to stay. Most people knew how strict the Uchiha could be on their offspring, although they felt it may have been a little too much, nobody had the right, really, to go against a clan that had been in Konoha for as long as they Uchiha. Obito knew Kiiro would have helped him out, he knew Rin would too (though he was much too embarassed to ask her for help) Kakashi, well, Kakashi could have just gone to hell, for all Obito cared back then.

"Maaah..." He shook his head, trying to clear out all the memories this place brought to him. He had to get ready for his mission and find some type of gear in this old house.

Since returning, Obito had not the chance to clean the family home. Most things were left as they were 6 years ago (I think it was 6) There were cobwebs everywhere, dust and dirt. One of the windows were broken, and it looked like a family of squirrels had made the attic their home. There was mouse droppings everywhere, which really grossed Obito out for some reason, and mildew on some of the walls.

No, he wasn't sleeping in the house yet. He spent the nights at Kakashi's apartment. Yeesh, Obito's old family house had more furniture than Kakashi's place did!

Digging though boxes, which were in the living room, and Kami-sama knows why...Obito found some useful things. Kunai, Shuriken, a jounin flak jacket...

"Hn?" Obito held the green vest up to get a closer look at it. just on the inside, near the zipper at the bottom there was a name. Squinting, he flipped it open to see the name of his little sister on the jounin jacket. Shocked, he threw the jacket down into the box. Wide eyed, he looked to his trembling hands.

"She...she was a jounin..." It was starting to hit him now that his siblings did grow up during those years where everyone thought he was dead. As bratty and annoying as his brother and sister were, they had really grown up, and became ninja themselves. Images flashed though his head. Did she have a boyfriend? Did his brother properly interrogate him like he would? Did they have a good sensei? Did they look out for each other? .... Did...did they fight until the very end?

(Guh, I'm dramatic! whooo haa, Umm. I tag Rin heeeee))

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[05 Jan 2006|02:00pm]

+ mood :: Sincerly Freaked Out

*I dont konw were Sasori is soTetsuya will start something! ^_^ and if you dont mind she will keep calling you Daaka as a pun. I started a new post because our got shoved down quite a bit lol... OMG THERES A CAT IN MY ROOM!! Sry. -_-"*

Tetsuya breathed a sigh of relieve when Itachi left her behind as Kisame and him headed toward the newcomer.
Tetsuya had noticed one of Daaka's crows now she looked up to scan the air and a pang of panic reached inside of her chest when she saw it was gone.

Daikachiki clutched the pendant Tsunade had given her, 'I wonder if Itachi would notice me using this...*sighs annoyed* I seriously doubt it. Just calm down Daikachiki someone will be here soon, those bastards wont get their hands on that Obito guy if its the last thing we do!'

Tetsuya's Negative side: Oh Please! You haven't even met the boy! Ditch the Three Stooges and get out of here!
Tetsuya's Positive side: NO No!! I have to do this, sure I dont know him but...hmm...well I could just...NO! Bad Daikachiki BAD!

*Kisame glances over at Tetsuya with a puzzled look 'What a nut...' -_-" Tags Itachi Kisame and Sasori and any other people involed in the Itachi Mission! *

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Sakura Thinks. A Lot.
[31 Dec 2005|09:18pm]

+ mood :: pensive

Sakura tugged out her water bottle from her back and sat down on the hill over looking her teammates. She was near enough to be in Shizune's comfort zone, and far enough away for her to be alone in her thoughts.

She wasn't really quite sure what to do. She knew why she was sent on this mission--ever since the Sound attacks at the Chuunin exams, every shinobi had to take every mission they could, as to appear strong to the other nations. Konoha had lost so many shinobi that it had been awhile since she had the opportunity--in all reality the obligation, to go on a mission with her real team. In fact, the Neji-Sasuke party had been lucky to occur at all, and with all the genin, well almost all the genin there.

Thinking back to the party, Sakura kicked herself. Sure, Lee had been released from the hospital for months and was making amazingly rapid progress in his physical therapy, but he shouldn't have been straining himself like that! The childish part of her wanted it to blame it on Ino, for dedicating the song to them in the first place, but she knew better. Sakura sighed. It had been years since her and Ino had been able to really talk, but they were getting closer to doing so until the mountain of missions had been dumped on them. I never see much of anyone anymore, she mused to herself. Only lately, really...

Sasuke had never showed up, either. Not entirely that surprising, he really didn't know about it and if he had known it was a party, he would've found a mission in the most distant cornor of the world faster than Sakura could recite the Ninja Code of Law. So long as he wasn't trying to kill Naruto and vice-versa she was fine with almost anything those two did. As if to back that thought up, the memory still clean and frighteningly clear in her mind of Sasuke's chidori and Naruto's raesengan pointed so very lethally at eatch other...if Kakashi hadn't been there at the last second, Sakura would've been long dead. But she didn't want to think about that. Not at all...

The past months had been going slightly better for Konoha. Anyone hurt from the Chuunin exams had been long released from the hospital, and Naruto and Sasuke were acting fairly civil towards eatchother. Still, she felt a bit tense whenever the three were together.

She took another gulp of her water. It would be so nice to be in Konoha again, however brief due to her next mission. Her apprenticeship with Tsunade pretty much guaranteed as far as she knew a stay in Konoha for a while, as well as lots and lots of studying and training. Her hands strayed to her short hair. Yes, she would go back to Konoha and continue on her goal of becoming a noteworthy and proud kunoichi.

Carefully screwing the cap back on, Sakura rose. This mission still confused her. She had only the most basic medic training, and the Akatsuki....the Akatsuki was more than anything she could handle at the moment. It wasn't like a training mission; they hadn't been training constantly, she hadn't really learned anything...but maybe she was thinking too hard. Either way, the higher rank of the mission would look good on her card.

Glancing over at her comrades, she nearly jumped out of her skin as four people appeared in a puff of smoke behind her. "EHH? Sensei? Tsunade-sama? What are you doing here?..." Sakura exclaimed, very surprised. She eyed the other two behind them. Other people?...

(( Tags TSUNADE ))

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This way Kankurou-san!
[31 Dec 2005|12:59pm]

+ mood :: happy

"Sorry about that, Kankurou-san. I thought that Ketsueki-san wanted to join us, but I guess that he changed his mind."
Kiba scratched his head and grinned, "Oh well, his loss."

The pair turned a corner and finally found themselves at Kiba's house.
"Here we are, home sweet home. Come on in and we'll get you all cleaned up, then we can head up to the roof and have a look around."

Kiba pushed open the door and held it for Kankurou. "Mom! Sis! I'm home, and I have a friend over, okay?"

There was no response. "They must be out on a mission or training or something." Kiba headed into the kitchen, "You want something to eat or drink, Kankurou-san?"

*tags Kankurou*

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[22 Dec 2005|08:26pm]

+ mood :: melancholy

Neji had left the Hyuuga residence after his fight with Lee. He had no idea if his green-clad teammate was injured or not,and at this point, he didn't care. He was thinking about all that had happened; his confession to Tenten, his subsequent Limit Break, and then his fight with Lee. The words his uncle had spoken to Tenten while he was fighting rang through Neji's head...

"If you truly care for for Neji-kun, allow him to learn this lesson..."

He couldn't figure it out. He was trying to use his "heart", he was trying to care for people, but every time he did something that he though was right, it blew up in his face.

Neji walked though the streets of Konoha, getting strange looks from people as he passed by them. He wanted to go to the hospital, but he also wanted to go to Tenten's house, to apologize at least...

"What should I do? I don't know if Tenten will want to see me again, but I don't want to embarrass myself either....."

It was at this point, that Neji enountered someone whom he never thought he'd meet face-to-face; Sabaku no Gaara...

((TAG's Gaara-san, then maybe Tenten??))

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Arrival in Suna...Thank God
[02 Dec 2005|07:48am]

+ mood :: relieved

After five days of running through the countryside together Anko, Temari, and Sasuke had finally reached the outskirts of Suna.

I never thought that I could be any happier to see those towers... she thought as she caught sight of the domed buildings in her village.

She looked back over her shoulder, I swear he has been staring at my ass the entire way... She shot a glare in Sasuke's general direction, not caring at this point, if Anko saw. I'm gonna gouge his damn eyes out with my thumbs if he keeps that up. Ugh! He's looking at me again!

She shook her head and squinted against the slight wind blowing tiny grains of sand into her field of vision. She saw movement out of the corner of her eye and turned to see one of the members of the ANBU of the Sand saluting her. She nodded in acknowledgement and the masked ninja shot her a hand symbol, one she knew all too well. Sandstorm. Big Sandstorm.

She took a moment to pull a length of cloth out of her pack. The fabric was bright red, and it was her old sash. She wrapped it protectively around her nose and mouth, and to shield her eyes. She signaled back to the ANBU the specifics of her mission and ordered him to inform Chiyo-baa-sama of their arrival. He nodded and disappeared, and she turned back to her companions, pulling down the wrap she had over her mouth temporarily.

"Um, Anko-sensei there is a sandstorm coming and we need to get inside as soon as possible. Chiyo-baa-sama will know of our arrival very shortly. If you want to follow me, I can lead us to the administration building and you can deliver the message to her."

Temari pulled the wrap back into place as the wind began to pick up, and waited for Anko's response. After all, she was the leader for the mission and it wasn't Temari's place to assume leadership, even in her hometown where she was treated like a princess.

(tags Anko and then Sasuke)

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Time to save the girls...and Daaku ^_^
[29 Nov 2005|10:28pm]

+ mood :: anxious

Tsunade walked out of the ramen stand with Kiiro trailing closely behind her. They found Kakashi and Obito just outside talking to each other.

"Alright Ladies," the Hokage said, clapping them on their shoulders. "We have to go and rescue Tetsuya's party. They were attempting to track Uchiha Itachi and his Akatsuki companion Kisame as they were leaving the Konoha area. Unfortunately, it seems that they have been attacked by Akatsuki themselves, and I believe that they are in need of some rescuing. So are you all ready to go and give them a hand with those pesky Akatsuki?" She accented this by cracking her knuckles rather loudly and giving them a scary grin.

"We can talk more as we travel, but we need to set out as soon as we are able. The ninjas are capable, but they are facing Akatsuki," she looked squarely at Obito. "And we all know how dangerous they can be, but some of us know more than others..."

(tags Obito)

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The Rin-is-a-baka-and-gets-lost thread.
[21 Nov 2005|03:34pm]

Rin eyed the ground before her warily. A few mere steps and she'd be there. Home? She didn't quite know.

Rin waited outside the gate, not quite sure of what to do. Only a few footsteps and she'd be "back". To what? She knew the answer. It was obvious enough. She had made her journey to piece together her past. Seeing as it was foolish to just stand there awkwardly after a lifetime of thinking about doing what she was about to do, she took a brief gulp of air and stamped one muddy and sand-cased size 7 1/2 standard issue nin sandal into Konoha.


She had been half expecting for it all to come rushing back. Like in movies. Like it had just a few minutes before. Somewhat impatient, she stuck her other foot onto the Konoha road. Still nothing. But she wasn't disappointed.

Not quite taking Obito's, Kakashi's, or Kiiro's presence into consideration, she began to meander. Her eyes were wide like a small child watching a parade, trying not to miss anything. Konoha wasn't as green as Hidden Grass, but it was still nice. Children with messy hair ran around the street playing with a ball; the one with the tooth missing and a mischievous grin got a laugh out of her. She continued to marvel at everything until she realized she was caught in what must be Konoha's rush hour shopping traffic. Suddenly surrounded by a myriad of pushy kunoichi armed with shopping bags, Rin's eyes flashed from side to side, trying to establish where her old teammates were. Shit...

Muttering curses to herself, she began to call out their names in an attempt to find them, barely able to even hear her own voice. "O-OBITO-KUN....KAKASHI-SAN....KIIRO-SAN?!...." Her voice was lost in the sea of people. Getting nervous now, she continued to yell out until one particularly irritated kunoichi carrying three large bags started shrieking something profane at her. I'm...lost....?!

((tags Obito, Kakashi, Kiiro or whomever you really feel like it. Whatever makes the thread move faster. :P))
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And with the morning comes sunshine.
[17 Nov 2005|06:19pm]

+ mood :: grumpy

Blinking slowly Anko opened her eyes not quite sure when she fell asleep. The rain had let up during the night but left something far more sinister in its path, but just what she didn’t know. Sometimes the demons that haunted her came out in the dark and appeared so real that she was unsure where the border between memory/nightmares and reality began and ended. Placing her hand against the base of the tree she pushed herself up and pulled out the kunai that held her coat which was just a little damp by now, putting it on she threw her hair back up and glanced around the grove as something caught her eye.

Well I'll be damned, will you look at that! How cute. Giving a large silly grin she threw a few more logs onto the fire before glancing over at the kids again.

"Oi! You two, wake up! This isn’t a hotel and we don't have all freaking day to cuddle, you can do that once we get to Suna." As neither of them stirred she gave an annoyed growl and walked over to them, kicking at their feet and glared at them as they both seemed to stir slightly.

"OI! Lovebirds, wake up!"

(Tags Temari and Sasuke / First come first serve as usual)

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Konoha Afternoon
[05 Nov 2005|09:40am]

+ mood :: curious

Kiba lead the way through the streets of Konoha, Kankuro trailing slightly behind him. Kiba was leading Kankuro down the shortest path possible to get them to his house, so it involved lots of short cuts. Every once in a while Akamaru would bark at Kiba, or Kankuro's puppet Karasu would rattle and click. After hopping over the last fence they needed to cross, Kiba turned back to Kankuro with a curious look on his face.

"Hey Kankuro-san, I was wondering if you could tell me why you Sand ninjas are here in Konoha. It must be a good reason, or otherwise Tsunade-sama would have probably killed you herself. I haven't been paying much attention to the goings on lately since I have been training with my mother and my sister. And are you and Gaara the only two here? I haven't seen your scary sister. What was her name, again?"

(tags Kankuro-san!)

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Here comes the rain...
[04 Nov 2005|12:52pm]

+ mood :: cold & wet

The storm was beginning to pick up and the wind blew harder.

Temari hated getting rained on more than anything, but she kept silent and kept following Anko. After all, Anko was their leader and she ordered them to continue. She was soaked to the skin, and her shoes were squishing from the amount of water that they had absorbed.

Temari shuddered as the rain turned colder and the wind caused it to pelt them even harder. She held out her hand as they continued to move through the trees and caught some of the tiny pieces of ice that were falling from the sky. They were growing in size as the three made their way through the forest.

A harder gust of wind blew and sent a sheet of water down into Temari's face, blinding her for a moment. Her foot slipped at that moment, and she lost her balance....

(tags either Anko or Sasuke, whichever one of you responds first. Whether you try to catch Temari before she falls is up to the two of you.)

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Needing guidance....
[03 Nov 2005|08:38pm]

+ mood :: aggravated

Gaara laid on top of Shukaku.....or rather, Shukaku no Tate. He'd fled from where he, his brother, and the Konoha nin, Inuzuka Kiba had been training. He didn't want to go back to the Suna apartment, because he'd probably have to face Kankurou, and possibly Temari if he did. He didn't want to think about how Kankurou was going to freak out at him, and he felt even more guilty about how Temari would react. She'd been so proud of the progress he'd been making, and now he'd almost killed two people by getting carried away.

"I don't know if I deserve this......what the Suna Elder's have in mind for me. I don't think I have the right to be the Kazekage after this...."

Gaara stared at the overcast sky. Somehow, the weather seemed to reflect his mood. At one point in his life, Gaara didn't pay much attention to his mood. He simply did what Baki told him, and appeased Shukaku any way that he could. Gaara missed the simplicity of that life, when it didn't matter if he cared about anyone. He didn't want to be that person any more, but he missed how easy it was.

"I can't go back to how I was....I don't think I could now even if I tried, but trying to hold back 'Him' is too much for me to bear any more..."

Almost as if on command, some of the sand around Gaara swirled up in an irritated fashion, as if the demon inside of him was reacting to the turbulence of Gaara's thoughts. Gaara stands up, and shouts at the sky...


((TAG's Jiraiya-sama!))

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